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Tech start-up from The Netherlands selects Tulsa for U.S. headquarters

Rhett Morgan
Feb 14, 2024

Tulsa’s Future praises app’s `innovative approach to giving.’

(TULSA, Okla.) – A tech company founded in The Netherlands has established its U.S. headquarters in Tulsa.
Givt, a digital giving app, has moved into 36 Degrees North’s state-certified incubator on the fifth floor at One Technology Center, 175 E. 2nd St. S.

Givt founder Sjoerd (Joe) van Oort rolled out the app in 2017 in The Netherlands, where 40% of the churches use it. But he has been seeking a place to enlarge his footprint.

“We built a healthy business there (in The Netherlands),” van Oort said. “We learned a lot. We expanded to the U.K. (United Kingdom). But we always knew that the U.S. is where we should be because 75% of giving by individuals happens here.
“Tulsa was the most attractive from the combination of the opportunities and cost. We want to build in one city what we’re going to do worldwide. Tulsa feels like a place that wants us to do that. It wants to be known for being a generous city.”
Givt organizes, prioritizes and maximizes charitable efforts, even showing members how to join impact groups.

“People like Bill Gates or George Kaiser, they have real people helping them understand what they want to impact and advising them and finding those opportunities and putting that money into action,” van Oort said.
“It’s taking that thing that the big philanthropists have, and we democratize that, allowing people who only give 10 bucks a year to have the same service and same help. We believe that if you have these elements, the willingness to give increases.”

Givt also has an app for children.

“It drives conversation with my kiddos about generosity in a way that’s totally unique,” said Kenny Osborn, Givt’s director of business development, said. “In that way, we are able to create a world where our kids are more generous. They think about the world through the lens of what they can give and not just what they can get.”

Givt has about 130,000 users globally.

“We are thrilled that Givt has chosen Tulsa for its U.S. headquarters,” said Arthur Jackson, the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s senior vice president of economic development. “The company’s innovative approach to giving is ideal in a city celebrated for its philanthropy. I can’t wait to see where Tulsa takes Givt as it expands its reach and the Tulsa region continues to diversify our economy.”

“I am happy that Givt will be joining Tulsa’s growing number of tech-focused companies,” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “Our city’s commitment to innovation, coupled with a supportive environment for like-minded companies, is showing why Tulsa is becoming such an attractive spot for the next generation of businesses.”

At 36 Degrees North’s high-growth incubator, Givt will work alongside more than 40 other tech start-ups, capital providers and resource partners.

“The relocation of Givt further demonstrates that our growing tech community, supportive resources and inclusive ecosystem make Tulsa one of the best locations in the United States to build and scale a business,” said Devon Laney, president and CEO of 36 Degrees North. “As Tulsa’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, we are thrilled to welcome Givt to our community and excited to support their continued growth and expansion in the U.S.”

Michelle Barnett is senior vice president of economic and workforce development for PartnerTulsa, the city’s economic development arm.

“Givt’s locating in Tulsa confirms not only our place in the tech development space but also our reputation as ‘America’s Most Generous City,’” Barnett said. “Givt’s activities highlight both of these attributes that make Tulsa a great place to live and grow your business.”

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